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Unfortunately, sometimes we have reason to question the truthfulness of someone close to us. Sometimes a loved one’s words alone are not enough to resolve a situation….

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In accordance with the Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 (EPPA), polygraph examinations cannot be used for pre-employment…

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Employee Testing

The EPPA prohibits most companies from requiring or requesting that employees submit to polygraph tests. Subject to restrictions, the Act does permit polygraph …

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Attorney-Client Exams

ISG Polygraph will help you establish the credibility of your clients and provide you with the information and confidence necessary to defend your client…

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ISG is Best Polygraph Service in San Diego County

Investigative Solutions Group, LLC offers the best polygraph services in San Diego, CA.  Our lead examiner received his polygraph education from the Department of Defense’s prestigious National Center for Credibility Assessment.  He is a federally certified examiner and has over 25 years of Law Enforcement experience.

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ISG Polygraph stands out from the competition

Investigative Security Group’s lead polygraph examiner is a federally trained and experienced federally certified examiner.

ISG views the technical expertise of our examiners as being only one element of a successful polygraph exam. ISG understands the art of interviewing, being unbiased and having strong interpersonal skills are critical to the foundation of every exam.  ISG examiners have undergone extensive interview training and have conducted consequential interviews of individuals from all walks of life.

ISG is one of the few polygraph providers to offer its customers the opportunity for their exam to be reviewed by a certified quality control examiner. ISG Polygraph is committed to maintaining high standards of professionalism and demonstrating it can deliver accurate and reliable results that will withstand the highest levels of scrutiny.

ISG Investigative and Security Consulting

Investigative Security Group consultants are experienced, successful, and professional former federal special agents who specialize in complex internal affairs and security related matters.  By choosing ISG Investigative and Security Consulting, your organization will capitalize on decades of progressive experience earned in difficult and challenging venues.

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When you choose Investigative Solutions Group, LLC, you will be confident you are choosing the best polygraph and consulting services in San Diego County.

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