How do I prepare for a Polygraph Test?

It is important you are well-rested, and free of any extraordinary fatigue or stress factors on the day of the exam. This means getting a good night’s rest, eating a small meal, getting adequately hydrated and avoiding stressful incidents (arguments, interrogations, emergencies) prior to the exam.

If you are in any pain, we suggest postponing the exam until the cause of the pain has been remedied rather than attempting to control the pain with medication. If you are taking regular prescription medications, you should continue taking those medications. It is ok to take aspirin or other mild over-the-counter medications.  You should avoid illegal drugs and alcohol for 18 to 24 hours prior to the appointment. 

You should bring any documents or media that you would like the examiner to review, prior to your test. Please avoid wearing tight restrictive clothing. You should dress comfortably and modestly. It is normal to be concerned about the exam and a certain amount of anxiety will be expected by the examiner.

Pre-Test discussion and question review

Your examiner will provide an overview of the entire polygraph process, explain each component of the polygraph instrument, and review the facts of your specific situation. 

Each question asked during the exam will be reviewed with you prior to the examination.  There are no surprise questions.

The Polygraph Exam

The examiner will place the polygraph components on you and administer the exam. Upon collecting sufficient physiological data needed to render a decision, the examiner will remove each component and end the exam. The actual exam itself is relatively short.

Post-Test Analysis

After your examination, the examiner will analyze the test data and provide you with a detailed report summarizing the results of the examination.

ISG takes pride in offering competitive reasonable rates.  Contact us for pricing.

  • ISG is proud to offer Military and First Responder Discounts.
  • Discounts available for couple’s testing.
  • Please call for special Local/Federal Government Pricing.

$100 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule an appointment.  The balance of the fee shall be paid prior to the examination and the deposit amount will be applied to the balance.

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